New Jersey & New York Licensed Pesticide Applicator

Lawn Fertilizers

Offering a full seasonal chemical program and schedule is critical to ensuring your site has a healthy and properly maintained lawn. Our licensed applicators are able to provide our own fertilizer services which allows us to directly adjust and plan accordingly. A green lawn goes beyond an adequate water supply

Pesticide treatments for bush & plants

Part of a full outdoor maintenance plan includes assessing bushes, plants and trees on your property. A proper spray program prevents disease and infectious pests from damaging your horticulture areas.

Organic options available

If organic fertilizer applications are a requirement of your site, DiBella Landscaping has a wide list of organic and environmentally-friendly fertilizers and pesticides.

Call us today for a consultation to receive more information on a chemical plan for your property!

Overnight Services

Concerning your commercial and industrial site, our technicians are available for overnight and off-schedule servicing. Depending on your business operations, this is a helpful solution in high traffic areas that may not be able to be treated during normal daytime hours. By trusting a company with the expertise and flexibility such as ours, chemical programs will be hassle and stress-free.