The transition from grass to Artificial Turf

Over the past landscaping seasons, DiBella Landscaping management has seen the growing transition of outdoor spaces. For many commercial properties wishing to reduce yearly maintenance plans, artificial turf has become a solution. Our team will present a site specific plan with a full description of the installation process, maintenance plan and cost-saving benefits.

Where is Artificial Turf most useful?

For commercial applications - any high traffic area including playgrounds or athletic fields would be candidates for an artificial turf consultation. Many fitness facilities, school grounds and park areas will see the most cost-saving benefits. With a proper installation, your commercial site will move ahead of the outdoor landscaping curve. Additionally, private putting greens and outdoor living quarters are prime examples of artificial turf installations.

Benefits and longevity concerns

Artificial turf has an increased initial cost for installation but will have a much lower maintenance schedule over its useful lifespan. These savings also stem from the reduction in necessary water applications, fertilizer programs and  other maintenance needs.

If your commercial, residential or industrial site would like to receive a more in-depth consultation, please contact us today!